Monday, February 2, 2009

Are the Winter Blues Getting You Down?

It’s cold outside and everyone is spending a little more time indoors. When it’s too cold to leave your office why not grab lunch at your desk and assign that time to work on an organizing project.

Take the opportunity to work on your files. Here are a few tips:

1. Every time you start a new project, create a file folder for it. Get rid of those piles.

2. Staple relevant materials together. Paperclips tend to catch on other papers within the file.

3. Color code your files. Use color to designate your priority tasks or client files, so that you can quickly search your files by scanning for a specific color.

4. Keep files thin. Whenever you have to retrieve something, spend a few minutes tossing out paperwork that you no longer need.

5. When placing a file back in the cabinet always look in the folder before and after and do a quick purge.

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