Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Use what you have – the cure for your post-Christmas financial blues

Save money-use what you have. You’ll be surprised at how many items you have lying around that you’ve never used. Items that, by using them, will create more space in your home and save you money.

For example:

1. Use those gift cards and certificates you received over the past year.

2. Those decorative candles? They were meant to be lit and to burn out, so use them before you buy new ones.

3. Check your books and magazines. There’s always one you haven’t read. Consider canceling subscriptions.

4. Take an inventory of the food that you have and think about ways to use it.

5. Why rent when you can catch up on movies you’ve collected, or programs you’ve recorded?

6. Built up a lot of points on your merchant loyalty cards for air travel, products or services? Now is the time to redeem them.

7. You probably have more beauty supplies than you realize. It’s time to take stock and start using them.

8. Have a lot of loose change around your house? Gather it up and use it.

9. Instead of a new hobby or craft, revisit one that you set aside. You’ll save money on supplies.

What are your ideas for using what you have to save money?

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