Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Home for those with Environmental Sensitivities

Breathe better.
A cluttered environment makes it difficult to rid our homes of certain irritants. A simplified and back to basics approach will often help to create a healthier home.

Declutter, have soft furnishings that are easily washed and think carefully about what you allow to be in this very important space.

Even items such as new carpets, sofas, and wooden furniture can have a negative impact on your health due to off-gassing.

Eat better.
When we start to eliminate toxins and irritants in our homes it is easy to continue this pattern by looking at the foods we eat.

Make a habit of picking local and organic foods for a diet that is good for you, the environment, and your local economy.

Getting organized allows improved purchase, preparation and meal planning – the key ingredients to a healthier diet.

Live better.

Eliminating chemicals from your environment can help clear your body and your mind letting you lead a happier, healthier existence.

What’s in your laundry detergent? Many popular brands of laundry soap contain scents, chemicals, and potential carcinogens, which stay in your clothes.

There are many alternative products available in the natural section of your grocery store or try some homemade cleaners.

The Environmental Working Group can tell you about the safety of your cosmetic and personal care products and suggest safer products. Visit their Skin Deep database and also check out thier information on food safety.

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