Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Routines Rock!

Routines Rock!
Here’s how to create a rockin’ routine or to rework one you already have:
1. Make a list of some of the regular activities you do in the run of a day like getting the kids ready for school, exercising, email or a report at work.
2. Estimate how much time it takes to do each task.
3. Try to group actions by similar activity and location to minimize the amount of time you spend running back and forth, such as preparing supper, getting dressed for work, or items to be photocopied or sent out at work.
4. To finish your routine, write down your tasks in the order you will perform them along with the time allotted for each.
5. Use the times to limit the amount of time you spend on an activity (like getting dressed or primping).
6. Add up the times to determine a start time to begin your routine.
7. Be sure to give yourself a buffer zone of extra time for unexpected events.
8. Save time and adapt to curve balls by completing tasks before you need to do them.
9. To create some new habits try linking them to ones that are already in place. Put a load of laundry in as you start to make supper.
Once you make your routines rock, you’ll see how it can save you time, toil, and trouble every day.

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