Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is: A Just-Desserts Get Together

Need to satisfy a craving for sweets? Invite friends over mid-day or in the evening for a fashionable just-desserts party. What’s better than having your friends and all kinds of delicious desserts in the same room? Nothing I can think of!

Here are some simple tips and things to think about when setting up for your delicious dessert party.


How the desserts are displayed is just as important as how they taste!
• Put a nice table cloth over the table. Any colors from light pink to dark blue will look nice.
• Place the plates at the one end of the table, the food in the middle, and the beverages, cutlery, and napkins at the other end so guests are free to reach for the pastries.
• Make one show stopping dessert for the centerpiece. It can be a beautiful bowl of fruit or a deliciously garnished cake. Just like a painting, your table needs to have a focal point and a nice flow so the eyes can glide over the desserts smoothly.
• Have different heights using cake dishes and pedestals for contrast.
• If you don’t have enough of the same plates, it is acceptable to use different styles, but alternate styles as you stack them.


• It’s best to serve hot and cold beverages. Sparkling wine, decaffeinated coffee, and water are the basics. You can also boil water and offer tea bags.
• This is the perfect occasion for sugar cubes. They lend an elegant touch to the table, and you won’t have to clean up spilled sugar or ripped paper packets.
• When buying the sparkling wine, estimate one bottle for every two guests. Then throw in an extra bottle or two, just in case. Place the wine in the refrigerator a day or two before the party, then transfer the bottles to buckets of ice water half an hour before guests arrive.

Serving How-To

• Place a couple of small platters or plates of assorted pastries around the room on a coffee table or a mantel.
• Set out dishes of your favorite chocolates or chocolate-covered nuts.
• Pre-slice cakes and pies, but don’t separate the pieces.
• Brownie Bar- Create a do-it-yourself brownie bar, so guests can put personalize their dessert.

Everyone loves a sweet treat pick-me-up, and there’s no better time than February to beat the doldrums. Enjoy your party!

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