Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Never Worry About Losing Your Keys Again

It seem like the items we spend most of our time searching for are the ones we need and use daily. The best example is our keys. How many of us spend 20 extra minutes every morning before leaving the house searching for our keys, or five minutes waiting outside the front door before we can dig them out of our purse or pockets to let ourselves in? We just toss our keys somewhere different everyday, and then forget where we put them. To always ensure a speedy dash out the front door, follow these practical steps to end the frustration of misplaced keys.

1) Be consistent by always keeping your keys in the same place--hang them on a hook or put them in a designated basket near the door. Regardless of how tired or distracted you may be when you get in the door, take the time to go directly to the spot when you come in to aid in starting this routine.

2) Whether you choose a hook, bowl or basket by the door, make it fun. Buy an inexpensive funky colored hook or pretty bowl that catches your attention. If you immediately hit the fridge when you walk in, keep your keys on top of the fridge. Try to choose somewhere out in the open where you can easily see them.

3) In your bag, briefcase or purse, find a regular home for keys and get them back to this spot just as you would in you home. If you keep your keys in your jacket pocket, stick to one pocket so you always know: your keys are in your right pocket

4) Make sure the keychain you purchase is sturdy. Your key ring holds important items to you - your home, car, office and mailbox. Spend a little more money on your keychain to ensure their safety. Slim down your key ring. Only put frequently used keys, such as your house, car and office, on your daily key chain so you can grab it quickly.

5) Do a key audit. Make sure you know what each key is for and that they work. For easy identification, you can purchase keys cut with designs and patterns. Or for a simple trick, paint the body of the key with a colorful nail polish. Mount a hook rack on the wall and label them for quick and easy access when needed. Keep these keys on rings so you can use a carabineer to quickly group these occasional keys with your every day ones when needed. This also makes it easy for when you need to give someone a key from your set.

6) A good memory is often related to developing good daily habits. The key is to follow the routine of always using the same location. Once the habit kicks in, you will do it without even realizing you did.

7) Mistakes can happen, so keep an extra key at a nearby friend’s home, and keep another set in your desk drawer at work. Keep a backup car key in your wallet to avoid those expensive key retrieving costs.
Knowing where your keys are will make leaving your house hassle-free and can be the start to a stress-free routine. With these helpful tips, you’ll never have to worry about misplaced keys again.

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