Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How to Sleep in a Half an Hour Later Each Day

Here are some tips to get you that extra shut eye and reduce the anxiety in the morning hours.

The night before…
-Set table and prepare breakfast items.
-Have vitamins and medications ready to be taken.
-Use a coffee pot with a timer.
-Prepare lunches when making dinner.
-Have a basket by the door labeled for each family.
-For children, get home work together and in knapsack
-For adults have briefcases, purses, gym bags at door.
-Know where your keys are.
-Create checklists for different bags or activities.
-Review your calendar and know what’s up for the following day.
-Prepare the clothes to be worn the next day.
-Take a shower or bath the night before.
-Get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Also try…
-Simplifying your toiletries or cosmetic routine.
-Carpooling or sharing some other duties
-Getting a real sense of how much time things take.
-Organizing closets, bathrooms, kitchen cupboards and pantries.

Start your day off on the right track with some new organizing tips and tricks that give you the extra sleep you and your family crave.

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