Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Planning the Perfect Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party takes preparation and organization. Here are some suggestions to help make your next gathering easy and memorable.

1) Start by making pre and post checklists of the supplies you will need.

2) Figure out how big or small a get-together you would like to have so you can plan your budget.

3) Consider your china, dishes, flatware and cooking pots you will use.

4) If you plan on having a party on a specific holiday, be prepared for a fewer number of RSVP’s.

5) Time your invitation for people to come ½ an hour to an hour before you plan to serve dinner.

6) Ask friends and family members for help as well.

7) An organized house is more attractive and welcoming to your guests.

Take time for yourself before guests begin arriving. Being a relaxed and stress free party host is the best thing to serve your guests.

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